Levothyroxine weight loss

Levothyroxine weight loss is a trending topic in body building circles. The drug itself is mainly used to counteract an autoimmune disorder, thyroditis. The condition occurs when your immune system starts attacking the thyroid thereby rendering it unable to produce hormones. The state is also commonly known as hypothyroidism and can result from a damaged pituitary gland, atrophy, cancer, hypothalamus, and through radiation caused by some other forms of medication.


What does it have to do with Weight Loss?


Since the thyroid hormone, thyroxine, is responsible for increasing the metabolism of your body cells it is not surprising why many also use it for shedding a few pounds. In order to burn off calories and aid in protein synthesis individuals have been known to take more of the drug than is normally prescribed for them.


Professional body builders are known to take the drug especially during the cutting phase. This phase involves shedding off body fat especially if they want to preserve their muscle mass while working out.


Weight Loss Diet with Levothyroxine


People with thyroid conditions usually suffer from low metabolism. This means that your body might not be able to process as much sugar as it used to. Such a state can cause your glucose and insulin levels to spike at drastic levels. This cannot bode well in the long run especially if you are using Levothyroxine as a weight loss remedy. Using the glycemic index and staying on a diet of complex carbs will help you lose weight on Levothyroxine. Foods contained in these diets will not affect your glucose levels as much.


The same level of caution must be observed with your food portions. While it is true that you will lose more weight as you lose more calories, make sure that you never decrease your intake to less than 12,000 to 15,000 calories a day. Any less and your metabolism will drop to alarming levels.




Levothyroxine is actually considered to be unsuitable for combating weight loss and obesity. Medical experts also advise against taking the drug with any weight loss medication or as part of a weight loss diet. Failure to comply usually results in overdose or allergic reactions.


This is also why the drug is prescribed for patients with hypothyroidism according to their body weight and age. For example, an adult who is less than fifty years of age and weighs150 poundsmight be prescribed a 100 to 125mcg daily dose of Synthroid.


If you are on a weight loss program and suffer from hypothyroidism make sure that you never take the drug on a full stomach. The diet that you follow must not contain anything that might prevent the drug from absorbing in your body either. For example, vitamin supplements that contain iron or calcium can make it impossible for the drug to be fully absorbed. Wait two to four hours to eat anything that might hinder the absorption process especially when it comes to Levothyroxine weight loss.

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